Everything you always wanted JavaScript to be and that you never dared to ask for: sails.js, the production ready realtime MVC framework for Node.js

If your brain ticks the way mine does, you’re always interested in and fascinated by new technologies, but NOT for technology sake. For me technology has to fulfill a higher purpose, which means that it must make sense to build products with it that rock!

For a long time I’ve been hesitant to build a full scale application with node.js, even if there’s much buzz about it for quite a while. But this hesitation has come to an end with sails.js!


The idea behind this “Realtime MVC Framework for Node.js” is just awesome – at least for me, who’s coming from a long background of OOP PHP development. If you’ve ever worked with frameworks like CodeIgniter or Zend, you’ll feel immediately familiar with sails: you’ll find a file structure that is self explaining and can just start coding as if you’ve never done something different than node.js programming before. It’s just that cool!

But wait, there’s more: this framework not only makes you forget about the dos and dont’s of professional JavaScript development by “taking you by the hand” (and leading you to developers wonderland), but it also your magic tool for creating instant REALTIME applications and using them just as you’re used to with standard REST requests! Sails is built on Node.js, Connect, Express, and and integrates everything smoothly into a perfect bundle.

If you’re still not convinced, feed your brain with a couple of these fantastic tutorials from Irl Nathan – in his youtube videos he guides you all through the development of a professional application step by step, from installation to the programming of realtime updates.

Go, give it a whirl! :-)

To blog or not to blog

Blogging? Blogging… Blogging!

Yes, I’m starting all over again. I just can’t help myself. But this time everything will be different (and better)… 😉

After running blogs about OpenId and Social Media from 2006 until they died silently, I will not focus on one particular technology topic anymore. This time I’m gonna write about whatever comes to my mind, whatever I find interesting – technologically or otherwise.

And I won’t punish myself when I haven’t written a post for a week or two. Without any pressure I hope blogging will be fun for a long, long time.

Even more, in this personal blog I’m not gonna focus solely on coding, tools or technological trends, but I’m also gonna publish blank, fresh and sometimes bold ideas. These ideas might not always be well conceived or reasoned end-to-end, but I’d really like to push things out in the wild sometimes, just to listen to other peoples thoughts about it.

So let’s go – I hope you’ll enjoy!